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Sterling Silver Add-A-Bead-Bracelets
& Stopper / Lock Beads

You have found the originator of this concept - since 2004
using the very bracelets shown. I spent the 3 months needed back and forth to get it right
so that many more could step around me. All for the Good of course :))
Bracelets are Sterling Silver & in 2008 we have added some Silver & Gold Plate as silver moves to new highs in the marketpalce.

I have also tried and tested every design of bracelet on the market
so if you are looking for a design where the ends will not fall off or strip out you have found it.
also a search on google for Add-A-Bead will also show us as the top link.
Why? Because we were first in the internet and before using this very term.
Also check out our Add-a-Bead Cables and have some great fun wearing your beads.

No items found for that search but you may like one of these items.

z CZ Sterling 8mm Bead

$ 12.79

ts 4 pk 18mm SwarovskiŽ Crystal

$ 13.96

Hand Painted Parrot Head Earrings

$ 1.00

Sterling CZ Ear Posts Pair 04

$ 22.10

a Coming in 2009

$ 0.0

20 Inch - 1.5 mm 14kt Vermeil Cable

$ 27.00

Hand Painted Neon Snowman Earrings

$ 1.00

Sterling CZ CHANDELIER 28 Earring

$ 17.52

1 Strand of 6mm Round Micro Mood Mirage Beads

$ 7.00

z CZ Strand 4mm Rnd LT Topaz

$ 24.00

Miss Bonnet the Duck Tee-shirt Tie

$ 3.00

Hand Painted Miss Piggy Earrings

$ 1.00

Pair Sterling Kumihimo End Caps LG

$ 8.00

Hand Painted Manatee Earrings

$ 1.00

Strawberries Tee-shirt Tie

$ 3.00

Sterling Silver Pinch Bail #4

$ 4.00

Sterling CZ Ring Connector 1051-8mm

$ 8.84

Emerald Beetle Set - Pin - Earrings

$ 28.00

14kVermeilCZ RingConnector 1051-8mm

$ 8.84

18 Inch - 1.25mm Add a Bead Cable

$ 25.95

ts 4 pk 18mm SwarovskiŽ Shadow

$ 13.96

aBulk - 6mm Mini Mood Beads - 200pc

$ 80.00

1) 3rd GEN Turtle-Island SINGLE

$ 2.70

1) 3rd GEN Mermaids-Tale STRAND 10

$ 20.25

t GLOW in DARK Strand Mood Beads 7x8

$ 18.00

Inch of Ezel Bezel WIDE SILVER

$ 2.50

Sterling CZ Ear Wires

$ 17.00

2ndGEN Fancy-Flame STRAND 10

$ 13.00

1) 3rd GEN Bali-Sunset SINGLE

$ 3.10

Sterling CZ Ear Posts Pair 31

$ 36.40

ts 4 pk 18mm SwarovskiŽ CrystalAB

$ 13.96

ySilverPlate Add a Bead Bracelet Set

$ 9.95

Sterling Silver Pinch Bail #2

$ 7.00

INCH of Ezel Bezel THIN GOLD

$ 2.00

Emerald Beetle Pin

$ 15.00

1) 3rd GEN Mermaids-Tale SINGLE

$ 3.35

14k Vermeil CZ CHANDELIER 1029 Earring

$ 17.52

Sterling CZ CHANDELIER 1088 Earring

$ 23.40

Painted Cool Cow Earrings

$ 1.00

us single18mm Swarovski Rosaline

$ 6.00

Ballooning Tee-Shirt Tie

$ 3.00

Kitty Cat Tee-shirt Tie

$ 3.00

Ezel Bezel Thin Gold(1 meter)

$ 55.00

Vermeil Fold Over Mag Flower Clasp

$ 22.00

Vermeil Pinch Bail 13L

$ 3.02

z Mood Rings with Stars by the Dozen

$ 24.00

Painted Skating Flamingo Earrings

$ 1.00

y Mood Rings (Plain NO Stars) by the Dozen

$ 24.00

1/2 meter of each Style Ezel Bezel

$ 118.00

14k Vermeil CZ Crimp Covers

$ 6.00

Whale Tee-shirt Tie

$ 3.00

2ndGEN Daisy-Ray Mood Bead SINGLE

$ 2.20

Ms Orange Tee-shirt Tie

$ 3.00

Flowering Cactus Tee-shirt Tie

$ 3.00

1 SilverPlate Add a Bead Bracelet Set

$ 9.95

Sterling Pinch Bail 21

$ 4.95

x20 Inch - 1.25mm Add a Bead Cable

$ 28.95

14k Vermeil CZ Ear Posts Pair 67

$ 35.10

Lady Cat Face Christmas Earrings

$ 1.00

Pink Pony Hat Tee-shirt Tie

$ 3.00

t SwarovskiŽ 18mm Rhondelle Shadow

$ 3.99

1) 3rd GEN Northern-Lights STRAND 10

$ 20.00

Frosty the Snowman Tee-shirt Tie

$ 3.00

Ezel Bezel Thin Black (1 meter)

$ 44.00

t SwarovskiŽ 18mm Rhondelle Jet

$ 3.99

Painted Tropical Santa Earrings

$ 1.00

2ndGEN Secret-Garden SINGLE

$ 1.40

z CZ Strand 4mm Rnd MED Amethyst

$ 24.00

Ezel Bezel Thin Sterling (1 meter)

$ 50.00

2ndGEN Secret-Garden STRAND 10

$ 10.00

1) 3rd GEN Honey-Bee SINGLE

$ 2.10

1) 3rd GEN Fountain-Fern SINGLE

$ 2.70

6mm Sterling Lock Bead - NEW - Tightest Fit

$ 2.00

** SALE ** sterling flower on top mood pendant

$ 24.00

2ndGEN Lantern Mood Bead SINGLE

$ 1.80

Party Santa Tee-shirt Tie

$ 3.00

Steppin' Out Boot Tee-shirt Tie

$ 3.00

Mandarin Man Tee-shirt Tie

$ 3.00

2ndGEN Nouveau MoodBeads Strandof10

$ 10.00

t SwarovskiŽ 18mm Rhondelle Crystal

$ 3.99

Painted Cat in Stocking Earrings

$ 1.00

sStrand 6mm Mini Mood Beads - 20pc

$ 9.00

1 Strand 12x8mm HOT PINK Mood Beads - 20pc

$ 16.00

zx CZ Str 4mm Rhondell Turq

$ 24.00

1 SINGLE 7x14mm Mood Bead (4mm Hole that FITS European Style Bracelets)

$ 2.00

2ndGEN Diamond Mood Bead SINGLE

$ 2.00

Mrs. Christmas Kitty Tee-Shirt Tie

$ 3.00

2ndGEN Ocean MoodBeads Strandof10

$ 13.00

Beach Gator Tee-shirt Tie

$ 3.00

1SilverPlate Add-a-Bead Charm Cuff Bracelet Set

$ 9.95

Strand 8x12mm Mood Beads - 20 pc

$ 18.00

t SwarovskiŽ 18mm Rhondelle CrystAB

$ 3.99

us 4 pk 18mm SwarovskiŽ Rosaline

$ 20.00

t Foil Lampwork Bead to Fit Bracelet

$ 5.00

z CZ 14k Vermeil 12mm Bead

$ 17.20

Thin Sterling Mood Bracelet #6

$ 29.95

Red Heart Tee-shirt Tie

$ 3.00

Winter Flamingo Tee-shirt Tie

$ 3.00

x16 Inch - 1.25mm Add a Bead Cable

$ 19.95

2ndGEN Fancy-Flame SINGLE

$ 1.80

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Click for All New 2nd Generation Mood Beads

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